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My name is Gretchen Pearson and I hope to help facilitate your health through a shared practice of loving awareness. Using the tools I study, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Whole Body Health Education, and Art Therapy I am confident we can co-create a more vibrant and healthy you. You can pick and choose from my services listed or go all out for a vacation with me I am willing to travel. Any self-care is always good for the body and mind. There is no right or wrong combination, whatever feels aligned for your personalized care. 

My goal is to connect on a very deep and healing level while giving you the tools you need to individually gain personal health. I believe that even small changes practiced over time will promote healthy & happy living.  I am grateful to be part of that process and promise to do my best for each individual. 

Thank you for connecting with me here today!

Being part of an accepting loving awareness lifestyle and practice, if I as your practitioner become ill or unable to give you 110% in our appointment, I will reschedule another appointment with you at a 10% discount.  


"Health is the Greatest Possession"                                - Lao Tzu

Let's Meet

I'm Gretchen, Looking To Make A Better World One Body at A Time


I am loving awareness! A favorite saying of mine from the divine Ram Dass and inspiration for my private practice. I look to approach my work and life from this perspective. 

I also am a Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Artist by trade, and am currently in school studying Ayurveda.  In my free time, I am usually reading about all the above, hiking, going to the beach, gardening, listening to some good music, and dancing. I have a wide variety of interests and I'm always seeking to learn. 

If you are interested in seeing my artwork you can visit my artists' site here: 

Being part of an accepting loving awareness lifestyle and practice, if I as your practitioner become ill or unable to give you 110% in our appointment, I will reschedule another appointment with you at a 10% discount

Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

800-Hour Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator from National Holistic Institute, CA

Ayurvedic Health Education Program from The Dhyana Center Education Department, CA 

Practicing Massage Therapy for 9 years. 

Private Office is reserved for existing clients, If you are a new client I am happy to establish a working relationship at the Blooma location. 

Spaces You Can Book With Me

Blooma: 612-223-8064

Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday

Existing & New Clients Welcome

Private Office: Online Booking & Messaging 

Tuesday & Thursday 

Existing Clients Only 


Sliding Scale Payments Start at Listed Pricing 

Offerings & Rates

What I'm Up To 


Thank you for a most delightful and relaxing experience. One that my body and mind will never forget. I will carry with me the feel of your hands relieving my body of aches and pains.

- Judy 

You will absolutely see me again, once a month at-least.

- Mark 

Every massage with Gretchen is Heaven, pure Heaven ! 

- Jim

If you are looking for an amazing massage therapist that knows the body inside and out, look no more!

As you know, I had surgery in February and my body has been totally out of sync with a lot of lactic acid. She came to me and did wonders to my body. So very patient and will even perform cupping on areas that are troubled.

I can write about her all day, but you should see for yourself. 

Oh yeah and she is one of my favorite yoga instructors!

- Monica

Cupping therapy has been such a great addition to my massage therapy sessions. The cups relieve tension in my tightest muscles. I think it pulls deep into the tissues allowing you to work into the muscle even deeper breaking up tension and scar tissue. I feel more balanced in my body and my mind after a session. After Gretchen leaves the cups on for 10 minutes or so and then disperses the energy thru slide cupping it feels divine. I haven't felt ill or weak since I've been seeing Gretchen. I believe the treatments help the body become more resilient to sickness and disease. I'm very grateful for these healing powers, thank you." 

                                     - Jacob


Thank you. Your massage immediately improved the tendinitis symptoms in my foot. After one session I feel an 80% improvement and have high hopes for a fully functional foot on a few days. At 62 years old I recently hiked a challenging 200+ mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail. My right foot ended up with severe tendinitis (I suspected stress fracture which was ruled out by X-ray). Doctors diagnosis was tendinitis and prescription anti inflammatory medication and rest. After 2 weeks of that without improvement I called you— You are truly gifted, experienced, and knowledgeable. I appreciate learning about the parts of my body that are affected and understanding long term care that will help me be as active as I want to be for years to come.

- Lynn

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