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Cupping Treatment 60 Min 90 Min 2H

Personalized Cupping Treatment

  • Minneapolis

Service Description

Cupping is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization negative pressure therapy. That's a fancy way of saying cups use suction to lift the soft tissues of our bodies to create negative pressure or a lifting sensation in the affected areas. In comparison; massage is typically positive pressure therapy, pushing into tissues. A solo cupping body treatment is a great way to open up the body's surface tissue layers and fascia to relieve tension. This can create a better range of motion and body fluid circulation in the body areas targeted. Great for old injuries or tight scar tissue build-up. I have created a blog post specific to cupping treatments; if you would like to know more, click the self-care recipes and more tab located in the menu bar. 60 Minutes | 80.00 90 Minutes | 120.00 2 Hours | 150.00

Contact Details

  • Minneapolis, MN, USA


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