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Let's Fill Our Cups Together

The COVID-19 event and forced time at home for many of us is a continual journey full of peaks and valleys. From the nurses and doctors who are working hard every day on the front lines, to the newly homeschooling parents and to the thousands of us who are suddenly unemployed. This struggle has proven to be both mental and physical. As a massage therapist, an involved student, and a yoga instructor, I went from touching 5-10 people in a day to zero and it was an abrupt shift. I love what I do and it hurts like a broken heart to not be active. Normally, I get to help people every day feel their best and provide support in times of struggle. Not having that in this current picture has brought feelings of heavy stagnant energy, loneliness, and an unwanted slowing down. I was venting about this aspect of my new reality to one of my closest friends. She lovingly suggested I take all that joy I get in helping people and bring it online by blogging. I gotta say she was absolutely right, thank you Laura! The joy in what I do comes from being of service and helping others. Just because the platform has changed does not mean I have to stop doing what I love. This online platform will be filled with at-home self-care tools, recipes, along with getting to know the basics of elemental health. I hope it will inspire you to take the time to take care of yourself. "You must fill your cup first before you can give any excess to someone else." - Oprah Winfrey Let us fill our cups together and enjoy the abundance. May you find peace, love & light today.

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